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Sunday, September 19, 2010

Weekend in Black and White

My hubby and I attended the Illuminaria in Mission tonight, and I took a bit of a walk up to the Grotto to take a few pictures.
The Grotto is the original Shrine built on the Heritage Park site back when the property housed a Catholic residential school and church.

It seemed that no matter how many times I took the pictures, the Grotto always seemed to be tilting. Its a beautiful place to see and a nice walk to get to it on the hill.
For more photos of The Weekend In Black and White, please go and visit http://blackandwhiteweekend.blogspot.com/


Dragonstar said...

It looks a very picturesque place.

The one with the View said...

That's a Great Sunburst in the first one, and a lovely perspective shot in the second!