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Sunday, November 30, 2008

Today's Flowers

A rose from day's gone past. The nice thing about photos is that long after the flower has gone you can still conjure up in your memory the sight, fragrance and beauty of it. I am not sure what this blue flower is but it captivated me one afternoon while visiting my friend's garden.
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Look what was visiting today in the local watering hole, aka my back yard water feature.
We get a lot of crows, a few ducks and every now and then a bunch of Canada Geese but this is the first Heron that has graced our shores. He walked a bit through the local water hole but I am sure was disappointed with the lack of dinner fish that aren't in the pond. He checked out a few big puddles on the top of the berm and decided there was nothing there for him. Eventually he flew away. It sure was nice though for him to pay us a visit!!

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Skywatch Friday

These two pictures were taken over the lake at Harrison Hotsprings here in B.C. Its a little tourist destination famous for its hotsprings and the big spa hotel in the center of town. If you look close you can see the moon in the picture. That is what I was after, so the pictures kind of look the same.
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Monday, November 24, 2008

Happy Birthday Mark!!

Meet my miracle brother Mark. Nov. 25 he turns 52 years old and that is a big miracle. Two summers ago he suffered a sudden Cardiac Failure and is estimated to have been dead for 17 minutes. He spent five days on life support in Intensive Care before coming out of his coma. Today he has a pacemaker to keep his heart regular and he enjoys his life to the fullest. Lots about Mark is special. 52 years ago at his birth the whole thing happened way too fast and as a result he did not get enough oxygen and suffered brain damage. He acquired Epilepsy as well from that but has not let it stop him. He would be the first to be up front about his handicap and tell you he isn't as smart as everyone else or he can't do the things other people can do. At times he has been down about that, maybe a little jealous is the better word.
I sure don't see his handicap. He has qualities about him I can only hope to aspire to. What he lacks in some certain abilities he has trained himself in others. No one I know knows more about the state of the world than he does. He listens to the news every day and follows stories and could tell you a thing or two!!
He has never been able to read, can only print letters and numbers, but he does not believe it is something he is not able to do, just something that he has not found the right teacher for. He has actively sought the right program, the right teacher, the right class that could unlock the key to him being able to learn reading. He has done that for the better part of the past 40 years. Now I do not posess that kind of perserverance. I do not possess that kind of patience and determination. I don't possess that kind of faith. He is a genius when it comes to this. And I am totally and completely handicapped. I would of given up a long time ago but he just keeps on trucking. I so admire this in my miracle brother.
My brother I am sure knows just about everyone in his home city. I travelled the buses with him and the sheer number of people he knows and greets is amazing. Everyone knows Mark. He touches everyone in very special ways.
So to my miracle brother, I want to wish a very Happy Birthday. I want to wish him many more to come. He deserves the best.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Today's Flowers

Some flowers from this past summer.
Hollyhocks. Love the pink colours and the majestic quality of hollyhocks. Lilies are one of my favorite flowers. There are so many different varieties of them. I haven't found one I don't like.
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Friday, November 21, 2008

Skywatch Friday

This was a beautiful sunny day and lots of reflections in the river. I was trying to catch the reflections and the sky and also the diffferent angles of the mountains combined with those reflections.
There was quite a bit of driftwood in the water as well and that also threw some interesting reflections into the pictures.

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I still have to figure out how to link the Skywatch site to my blog. I am not to computer savvy so I am slow at figuring this out!!
Hope you enjoy the pictures.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Layered Black Bean and Lime Sour Cream Dip!!

Layered Balck Bean and Lime Sour Cream Dip.

The cast of characters!!! Peel garlic for grating, the more the merrier!! Chop Roma Tomatoes to ready for the processor.

Add rinsed black beans, lime zest and juice and a couple cloves of garlic to processor and puree.

Spread the black bean mixture into the bottom of nine inch pie plate.

Mix sour cream, lime juice, cilantro and green onions all chopped up together.
Spread sour cream layer on top of the black bean layer.

Chop Roma Tomatoes and some more garlic in processor. Chop more green onions.
Spread tomatoes on top of sour cream layer.

Sprinkle chopped green onions over the Tomato layer.
Cover with three cheese shredded cheese. And its done.

Chill the whole thing in the fridge until ready to serve. Serve with Tortilla Scoops. Delicious!!!

Layered Black Bean and Lime Sour Cream Dip.

3 Plum Tomatoes, seeded
2 Limes
19 oz. can Black Beans
3 or more Garlic Cloves
2 tsp. finely chopped Chipotle in Adobo sauce or chipotle Tabasco
1/2 cup light or regular Sour Cream
1/2 cup finely chopped fresh coriander
3 chopped green onions
1 cup grated cheese
1) Finely chop tomatoes. Finely grate peel from limes. Set aside. Drain beans, rinse and drain again. Place beans, garlic and chipotle in a food processor. Squeeze in 1 tbsp. Lime juice from 1 lime. Whirl until beans are pureed. Add 1 to 2 tbsp. water if puree is too thick. Scrape into a serving bowl or pie plate.
2) Place sour cream in a small bowl. Squeeze in 2 tbsp. lime juice from remaining lime. Stir in coriander and lime peel and green onions chopped, about 1 1/2 onions. Dollop over bean puree and smooth top as best you can. If making ahead, cover and refrigerate overnight.
3) Before serving, bring to room temperature and scatter tomatoes overtop. Sprinkle with cheese, then top with onions. Excellent served with blue corn or regular tortilla chips or with pita crisps for scooping.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Christmas Ice Cream

This entire post is just for my sister who lives in Alberta and cannot get any of this icecream where she shops. She loves this stuff and Island Farms who makes it. These blends only come out at Christmas. Thank goodness for that or I would be eating it all year round and thats not a good thing.
The Gingerbread has big chunks of soft chewy gingerbread cookie pieces in a gingerbread flavoured icecream. Delicious!!

The Peppermint Candy has chunks of peppermint candies swirled through velvetty vanilla icecream. I wait all year for this stuff and so does my sister, but I am the one who gets it.
How evil am I!!!

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Today's Flowers

Here are a few more flowers from the Nursery I went to last weekend for the Art Show. I don't know what most of them are so if you do know can you let me know. I just thought they were delicate and pretty. These blossoms just caught my eye as it seems like a promise of things to come.

This I do know, Flowering Kale. I love the creamy ivory white colour accented with the greens.

Berries and flowers!!

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Friday, November 14, 2008

Christmas Decorations

Not your average Christmas decorations!! I went to a Christmas fair and these are some of the beautiful decorations that were on display.
Beaded Butterfly. Don't know what kind of bird this is depicting, but its very handsome!!

Porcillin statue. (I can't spell tonight!)

Blinged Christmas ball.

Pearl beaded encrusted heart.

Beaded Christmas Ball.

Hand done beaded Christmas ball.


Jolly old Saint Nick!!!

Christmas Dove.

Its seems very early only being the middle of November to be seeing Christmas displays but everywhere you go there they are. I am not really into the feeling of Christmas this year. Maybe in a bit it will hit me, who knows. But the decorations sure are pretty!!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Photography Meme

I am taking Country Girl up on her Photography meme tag. This is what I found in my fourth photo file, fourth picture.
I remember coming out to go to work one morning and found this note written by my hubby the night before. It's no wonder I don't like to clean my car, where else could he write me notes like this. Quahehstamaha means "You dance in my heart" I am challenging anyone else who comes to see this to do the same and leave me a message and I will come and check out your picture too!!!
Thanks Country Girl!!

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Today's Flowers

I went to an Art Show in our local Nursery yesterday and took a lot of pictures of flowers there. I only took a few pictures on the sly of some of the paintings there and in the end got tagged for taking pictures there without permission. Ooopps!!
Anyways I got quite a few good flower pictures, here are a few of them:
This is Evergreen Clematis. It has a wonderful scent, like a little whiff of heaven on earth. These are Crysanthumums.

I am not sure what this is but if you look closely at the stamen in the middle you can see a drop of water. Must of taken a hundred of just that but could not hold still long enough it seems to get a good one of the water droplet. The flower is okay though.

A winter Pansy. I love the faces on pansies!!
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Monday, November 3, 2008

Front Door Back Door Meme

Its monsoon season again here and all the work they have done on the back park amounts to us having a lake in the back, complete with a waterfall in the left corner that is trying to drain water from the upper field. Its not supposed to have any water on the upper field, the drainage tanks they installed under the grass is supposed to handle all that but obviously its not working very well. This next image is to the right of the lake, and it is looking like a bit of a lake as well. Really under that water is a river or supposed to be a river, lined with river rock that diverts the water from the upper section down to the lake aka water retention pond. Its a little overworked and over full right here.
The wavy red chainlink fence is just temporary I hope. That is my property line anyways.

You can see how deep this section is, so you can imagine how much rain has come down and is coming down.
The picture above and the picture below is out the front door. You can see the road is flooded as well. Look at the level of water on the front car tire. In the 8 years we have lived here we have never had flooding like that. And we have had worse rains than what is falling from the heavens here. I can't help but think the work they did on the park has something to do with it.

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