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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Wild Birds

Wild Bird Wednesday
Wordless Wednesday with Joy
 Here is a selection of birds who call the Butterfly Garden their home!
I have posted a couple of previous posts of photos taken there, if you want to go and check those out as well!

Not sure what kind these are but I thought they were adorable! 

This garden housed budgies and canaries as well.

Enjoy your week!

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Flutter By Too

 Here are some more photos of our recent trip to Butterfly Gardens. Most of the photos I took here were from a seated position on one of the benches located around the center pool in the gardens.

These butterflies had a brilliant blue colour on the top of their wings which you could not see when they were resting. Silly little things kept their wings tightly closed. I love the pattern though in the wings, it really helps to camouflage them against the foliage.  Some I went right past and didn't see them until I turned around and looked again.
Looks like eyes on the wings, I think!

I thought this butterfly perched on a sprig of red flowers was gorgeous. 
They had little bird bowls at different intervals that contained pieces of fresh fruit. 
This is the Atlas Moth, the largest moth in the world. There was a small tree which had caterpillars of the Atlas moth, but I couldn't get to it with my crutches. 

I think this little butterfly reminds me of Halloween with its brilliant orange and black colours. It was quite small as well.

Sometimes you are lucky to find a little oasis in the middle of your town, that even if you aren't able to go to visit someplace warm and tropical, it can transport you there for a few hours that you spend there. 
Lush plants, flowers and foliage, humid and misty, beautiful butterflies, birds, fish and wildlife, all at your back door so to speak!

We liked it so much that when leaving we bought a season's pass so we can go visit again. I am going to wait until I get rid of my leg cast and crutches and can wander these boardwalk paths at my own leisure. 
Check out the post previous to this one on the blog for more photos and make sure to come back as I have lots of Bird photos to post next!

Monday, August 12, 2013

Flutter By!

Hubby and I went to the local Butterfly house here in town and I will be posting some of the pictures of the different butterflies, birds, and animals we saw there.
 It was gorgeous there, tons of plants, flowers and a big pond in the middle. Mist sprinklers here and there. Bridges, and wooden paths to traverse. Benches along the way which with my injured leg were my friend!!
 Blue skies coming in from behind the glass gave an appearance of being outside to the place. It was very warm and humid inside. Kind of tropical!
 I wish I knew the names of the different butterflies to add here, but I don't. I just enjoyed watching them, flying and taking breaks on different leaves of the abundant foliage there.

 This butterfly was beautiful, and hanging out on orange flowers to boot!
Come back over the next few days to check out more photos of Butterfly House!


Saturday, August 3, 2013

Purple heals my blues

Its been so hard to even think about getting out with my camera to take pictures since breaking my leg three weeks ago. Walking with a cast and crutches has been very awkward, and carrying a full camera bag didn't thrill me a lot. Consequently, I missed my Tuesday project 52 photo, but here it is better late than never!!
Hubby and I went out today, first time with my camera and went to a local park. Not much walking required, or rather navigating with crutches, we found a nice bed of flowers with a bench around it, and I got some pics. 

We also found a park bench by the lake and watched swimmers brave the water, seagulls fight for Pizza and dogs walking their people!!
I know I am breaking a few rules of composition, but I kind of like the off kiltered way of cropping I chose for these flower shots. It fits my off kilter way of getting around right now! 

Finally a close up for you. 
I am going to the Specialist on Tuesday and will have some more X-rays, close up shots of my broken bone to find out how its healing. I hope well, and that I will only have a few more weeks of inconvenience to go through.