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Friday, December 31, 2010

Friday Favorite Five

I can't believe its the end of the year today, where did the time go? There have been many changes in the last year and yet some things just stay the same. I reflect back on the year and the path my life has gone and its twists and turns and I have to be grateful for all the blessings I have. How could we not?
1) When you think of it, it really is a small world after all. This year my daughter moved out to Alberta. It's really not that far away when you think about it, but when she first told me about her plans I was none too happy to have her go there. I thought about it for a bit and realized I was just being selfish and thinking about my feelings and not hers. She has been there now for two months and I am missing her, yes, but I am ever grateful that she is in a nice town, sharing a house with my son and is safe and happy. She helps my son and takes care of his house and that makes me feel happy for both of them. She has her Aunt and Uncle there as well and cousins so she is not alone. The world is her oyster as they say and I am excited for her and happy for her.
So she may be far away from here, but she is close and I can rest easy with that.

2) Sometimes when you look at something, you do not see the whole picture. It might take a few times of revisiting the scene and really looking at it closely to see what really is there. It's one thing I love about Photography. I am constantly seeing new things each time I gaze upon a photo. I also love how it also resembles life. I can look at a situation I am involved with and not see the whole picture. I can see it maybe from my view but not someone else's. I can try to make them see it the way I see it but can I really do that? And maybe I cannot see what they see in it all. It doesn't make it right, It doesn't make it wrong either, it just is. I love food for thought, I am never hungry!!

3) I love paths. I have walked my path, rocky and smooth now for a lot of years. There have been lots of forks in the road, lots of offshoots I may or may not choose to travel on, lots of intersections of my path with others, lots of light airy spots on my path and lots of dark scary spots as well. I have shared my path with others, and walked it alone. And sometimes I have sat, not sure which way to go, not sure if I can, basically in a rut. I am grateful for this past year of paths. I am grateful for those who travel with me and I am sure looking forward to continuing on and seeing what is beyond the bend.

4) I am happy and grateful for the many blessings in my life.
When I allow expectations and feelings about how things should be to make me happy, I am letting disappointment fill my life and resentment to seed my soul.
When I am full of disappointment I can never see that my life is really blessed in so many ways.
And when I am resentful, I push away those most precious to me and then blame them for my unhappiness.
My life is very blessed, I am very lucky. And I am loved.

5) And lastly, I am going to be a willing participant in all I can dream my life to be in the coming year. I can dream the best for my life, and I can make it happen.
I could not of imagined everything that happened from this past year but it has been the best dream and I am onward to the next year with much anticipation.
To everyone who visits my blog, who follows my blog I thank you all for coming here and joining in! I hope you keep coming back and I promise I will too!
I wish you all a Very Happy and Prosperous New Year!!!
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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Greek Lamb Dip

Greek Lamb Dip!!

Cook 1 lb. of Ground Lamb in skillet with 2 TBSP. Greek Seasoning. After completely cooked, drain fat off and cool lamb.

While the Lamb is cooking, chop up desired amount of Roma Tomatoes, English Cucumber, Green Onions and Iceberg Lettuce.
Spread a container of Hummus into the bottom of a Pie Plate.
Just like this! Then scatter the cooked Lamb over the top of the Hummus.

Spread the Tzatsiki Sauce evenly over top of the Lamb layer.
This stuff!

If you dollup it over and then spread it out with a spoon it will be even over the lamb.

Just like this!

Spread all your cut up Vegetables over the top of your layers.

Spread a good layer of Feta Cheese over the top and your dip is done!
Serve the dip with Toasted Pita chips or with Multigrain Chips.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Watery Wednesday

I get lots of chances to photograph Water Drops out here, it always rains in this part of the country!!
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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

I have never participated in Midweek Blues before, I keep missing the starting day but I am on time today so here is my very first entry to Midweek Blues!!
My neighbour decorated her small Maple Tree in the back yard with blue balls.

I think they look kind of stark and cold against the bare branches and the cloudy sky, and that is what I like about the pictures!  Makes them a bit more dramatic!
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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Watery Wednesday

Capturing waterdrops at the fountain by City Hall.
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Monday, December 20, 2010

Ruby Tuesday

Merry Christmas to everyone and welcome to Ruby Tuesday.
I heard the strangest thing today which left me just shaking my head in wonder at what levels some go to during the season. I heard a news story today on the radio about the practise of wishing Merry Christmas  to others during the holiday season.
The news story talked of how it is now forbidden for teachers etc. to use the term "Merry Christmas" in school. If it is heard they could be sent home for it. The children were still allowed to use the term Merry Christmas but all staff were not.
In these trying times where people struggle to just put food on the table or pay thier bills, where people cannot find honest work to support their family, where crime is rampant and people feel hopeless, where people live on the streets and where children are abused, I wonder why this energy of preventing people from spreading a bit of goodwill amongst men is not used instead to really do something that could change the circumstances of someone in a hopeless situation.
I don't want to be told by someone who hasn't the right to tell me not to greet people with a simple Merry Christmas if I choose, I want to put food in food bank hampers and buy toys for children who otherwise would not have gifts for Christmas. I want to say what I feel without someone trying to influence thier version of Political Correctness on me.
I think if we all put as much energy into constuctive endevours we could rock the world.
Merry Christmas to all and all the best for the New Year.

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Sunday, December 19, 2010

Macro Monday

Here are a couple of pictures of our Christmas display, including my hubby's favorite Christmas ornament!
Christmas Bows and Bokeh!

This Freaky Claws(Claus!) is my hubby's favorite ornament and that poor reindeer looks scared!
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Today's Flowers

This flower photo was taken last fall at Bloedal Conservatory in Vancouver. I am not at all sure what kind of flower it is so if you know, let me know too. I just know that it's pretty!
I've been playing with adding Textures too, but I have some more to learn!!
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Friday, December 17, 2010

Weekend in Black and White

Simple strands of silver beads against a black background.
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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Watery Wednesday

I have been having a lot of trouble lately trying to upload photos to the blog so here goes another try with a couple of photos for you. Cross my fingers.....

I am always happy when I find dew drops and these seed pods don't disappoint me!

A lone waterdrop sillouette against a blue sky.
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Monday, December 13, 2010

Macro Monday

Last week when my computer was acting up and taking a whole hour to download two pictures, I decided to call it quits then and save the last two pictures I had for this weeks Macro Monday.

Christmas is always a good time to take lots of close up shots of all the ornaments etc.

If you check back on my last week's Macro Monday post, you will see the other two candleholders that complete this set.
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Friday, December 10, 2010

The Weekend in Black and White

Here is another picture that has been subject to my learning how to Photoshop! This is a picture of the Mission Bridge that I made a mirror image of in photoshop.
This course I am taking in Photoshop is very interesting and I am learning a lot!

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Thursday, December 9, 2010

Skywatch Friday

Skywatch Friday

This is my first attempt at Photomerging three pictures together into one picture. I guess for a first attempt its okay but I can see the join lines and try as I might I could not get rid of them. But the pictures were taken at Queen Elizabeth Park outside of the Bloedal Conservatory and show a panarama view of downtown Vancouver. The sky was cloudy and gloomy and it had rained all day. I decided to keep the picture as above rather than just show the three pictures I used to make the panarama separately so you could see the view!!
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Monday, December 6, 2010

Ruby Tuesday

There is lots of Ruby rich colours around in Christmas displays!
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Sunday, December 5, 2010

Macro Monday

Christmas season is here and with all the decorations and displays around, there is quite a few things to take pictures of!

Not sure what is with my computer or with Blogger tonight, but it took an hour just to upload these two pictures so its all you get tonight, I have to go to bed!  I  will save the other two photos and post them next week for you all!
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Today's Flowers

Today's Flowers

Here are a couple of long lasting late summer flowers I found last month in the gardens around our local Library here in town.
These minature Rose bushes are planted against the library building all along the walkway into the building. Maybe the heat radiating from the building make the roses bloom a bit longer than usual.

I think these are Coneflowers, but I am not sure. If someone knows what the really are please let me know!

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Friday, December 3, 2010

Friday's Favorite Five

Lots to be thankful for this week! It's not hard to find five favorite fives!
1) Balance: I have had a harsh bout of Vertigo for the past couple of weeks. It has really limited everything in my life while the world spins around. There is not much you feel like or are able to do when you are so dizzy. The past four days I have been able to return to work, still feeling a bit off kilter, but much better than before. I do love balance in my life.
2) My cat Scarf - who managed to find a hole in the back of my free standing fireplace on Monday and get herself stuck in it. She was stuck for four hours and it required dismantling our fireplace to get her out. We took her to the vet to be checked out and I am so thankful that she is okay and there does not seem to be any side effects from her ordeal.
3) My Photoshop course I have been taking ended on Wednesday. I wrote my final exam and handed in my final project. I really enjoyed the course and learned a lot. I am looking forward to the next one, the Advanced Photoshop course!
4) Shirley, my hairdresser who cut my hair yesterday and today coloured it. It looks great!
5) Lemon and Ginger Herbal Tea- I have drank gallons of it the past few weeks. It settled my stomach immensely and kept me hydrated.
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Monday, November 29, 2010

Macro Monday

This is Scarf, my one year old rescue Cat I have written about before in past posts. She gave me a horrible scare today and I am sure she was petrified too.
Scarf found the Air Intake hole behind our Standing Wood stove and got stuck head first in the hole. She was in there stuck for four hours. We had to take apart the stove, pull it toward the center of the room and turn it on its side to see under the stove to see her head. She was so scared and could not back up or go forward. We had to spray a bit of pepper spray on the stove to make it really uncomfortable for her which it did and after about two minutes she backed up through the hole and got out. We could not pull her out of the hole as her front legs and shoulders and head were stuck through the hole. After we got her out, we took her right away to get checked at the Vet and she had to have a bath to make sure she had any pepper spray washed off. We have eye drops for her eyes to use for the next few days, but otherwise she was okay. Thank goodness for that.
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Thursday, November 25, 2010

Skywatch Friday

Skywatch Friday

Its been a while since I was able to post. I have had a nasty bout of Vertigo for the past week, and have not felt like doing much of anything except trying to stay balanced.
Today the predicted snow fall happened, so really it was a good day to stay home. It snowed all day today and these pictures were taken from my upstairs bedroom window.

There is a park behind my house with a wooded area to the right of the path. The path goes all the way around the park.

The girls here have plastic garbage bags that they used to slide down the hill.

The bullrushes in the Water Retention Pond is just in front of the back of our house. It looks like its late in the day but these photos were taken at noon. The sky is bleak and cloudy, the snow continuously falling.

One corner of the soccer field. I like the starkness of the bleak sky, the snow falling and the covered trees mixed with the chainlink. It looks almost like a Black and White photo!
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