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Friday, September 3, 2010

Friday's Favorite Five

Hello and welcome to Friday's Fave Five. I am learning to love the lists!!

1) Oprah Show, which I watch sometimes has things every now and then that resonate. I turned it on this afternoon and the show was celebrating 10 years of her magazine. Dr. Phil was on it who I never watch but he told everyone that every now and then you have to do something in your life to shake it up. He talked about some people never knowing they are depressed until suddenly they become happy. That you have to have something in your life you are passionate about and that you do the unexpected every now and then. Change is hard and scary. It keeps people in thier ruts for too long. Then he proceeded to shave off his mustache on national TV! He put action to his words!!
2) The reason the above made so much sense to me was because I did the same thing this very morning, without even seeing the show beforehand. I had my hair cut! I mean really cut. I've never been brave enough to have done what got done today. And I love it!!
3) My son surprised me this week by showing up on my doorstep on Sunday morning. I had been very worried about him for a while, and he was not answering any phonecalls and is subject to deep bouts of depression and I knew he having troubles so to see him and see he was okay was so relieving and good. He drove here from Alberta where he lives, he was feeling homesick. So good to see him!!
4) Sockeye Salmon - there is a huge run of salmon this year after years of nothing and we bought fish for our freezer from commercial fisheries. The first salmon on the barbeque was incredibly delicious!!
5) Extra Spicy Clamato Juice - Can't get enough of the stuff lately!!

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Karen said...

I've been watching Oprah all week -- something I don't normally do -- except for today! I would have loved to have listened to Dr. Phil and watch him shave his mustache!

What a joy for you to have a surprise visit from your son. It's nice that he still feels homesick for his mom:)

Have a great weekend!

Susanne said...

How nice that your son gave you a surprise by showing up on your doorstep.

I heard about the Salmon increase this year. Hopefully it will take the price down for us over here a bit.

cindy said...

I use to watch Oprah and I don't anymore it must be because of the time of day it is on. I do miss her.

Dr. Phil is so right! have something to feel charged about in life.

So glad you are enjoying your hair cut, I am recovering from a bad one, it grows back.

I wish I could cover my son with a blanket of happiness sometime. Glad yours was homesick and you got to see him ok. It means a lot to a moms heart to know their children are ok, no matter what age they are.
Have a great week.

Laura said...

So great that your son showed up on your doorstep just when you needed to see him. Does a mom's heart good!

Would love to see a picture of your haircut.

I'm visiting on Sunday, and the garden photos are just breathtaking. Lovely!

Anonymous said...

Wow - my fav from your blog is all the wonderful photos. Thanks for sharing!

What a blessing to have your son show up. Wahoo for homesickness! My kiddos are now 26 and 27 and sometimes it is hard to know how to parent them. When they were little I could handle and solve their problems. Not anymore.

Cutting your hair short certainly is a big change. I'll have to think about what I can do. I'm due for a change of some sort as life has gotten to the auto-pilot stage. Thanks for the reminder.