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Friday, March 29, 2013

Stormy Skies!

Us girls took a trip yesterday down to Lethbridge for a bit of shopping, dining, and girl time. Our trip back home at the end of the day was a sky full of dramatic clouds and colours and Rainbows.
Just a hint of a rainbow in the distance. By the time I dug my camera out of the bag it was starting to fade. I thought maybe I had missed it but it only got better as the miles went by.

We saw flocks and flocks of birds flying across the sky in front of the advancing storm. You can see a V of birds above the red and white sign. Just one of many flocks.

The sky is so huge in this country! I can't get over the vastness of it.
You would think that having lived in B.C. where it rains all the time, that one would get to see Rainbows more often. Truth is we hardly saw one at all. That is because you need the sun to shine at the same time as it rains, and while it rained a lot it was hardly ever sunny at the same time, hence, no rainbows to see. 
I have been in Alberta for two months and just yesterday saw my first Rainbow!! How gorgeous and beautiful is that!!!

I love the colours of the stormy clouds. You can't paint that colour!!
A Grain Elevator ahead on the side of the road. 

One end of the Rainbow!

My camera did not do justice to the sunset that was happening behind us seen through the side rear mirror. The sky was a blaze of yellow,orange and reds. 

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Hopefully the Last Winter Walk

I hope that this particular winter walk is the last of the winter to walk in!!
We parked at the top of the cliffs of Echodale, and walked along the bluff to take these photos.

Looking down on the parking lot below. I was trying to find my sister's truck in the parking lot!

Somewhat of a fence along side of the road.
My Hubby up in the lookout at the top of the hill.

The Red Cliffs of Redcliffe where my kids live.

The sparse trees on the sides of the hill is spindly, sparse, and bent to the winds that blow a lot around here.

Everything here is brown, brown everywhere. Except for the white of the snow!!
The sun shines all the time out here, or so it seems. I love heading out for a walk in the sun each day. 

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Deer Me

On one of our excursions out to see this new province we are in, we went to Elkwater, which is out of Medicine Hat and going toward the Saskatchewan border. It had snowed quite a bit the day before we went, but was nice and sunny on this day.
One of the things that continues to surprise us here is the number and frequency of deer sightings we see. We see them by themselves or in groups of two or three. We see herds of deer as well.

They don't seem too concerned having us close enough to take photos of them. 

While one watches us, the others take their time eating their meal.
We have also seen herds of deer in the farmer's fields here in Elkwater and also by Echodale just outside of Medicine Hat. I'm sure in these herds there are a hundred or more deer milling about. 

These deer were hanging out in one of the yards along the main road of Elkwater.

I have photos of the herds of deer we have seen that I will post at a later date!

Friday, March 15, 2013

Calgary Reflections

I went on a short road trip with my daughter to Calgary, Alberta for her eye appointment. 
We had been worried about the weather conditions for the day we left because it had snowed quite heavily a couple days before we had to go.

It ended up to be a very nice day, cold though but no snow fell for our trip. The skies were quite grey and heavy when we left for Calgary, but the closer we got the better the weather was.
We had to go right into downtown Calgary amongst all the highrises and narrow busy streets typical of the inner city. We parked and walked the short distance to the building she had to go to for her appointment. These were the towering structures we walked by.

Some of the construction taking place in the downtown area.

I loved the reflections of other buildings and the sky in the windows of the highrises.
The sun shining in the glass panes.

This huge sculpture was in the front of one of the buildings receiving a facelift!

I took all these photos with my little Sony point and shoot, and really wished I had my Nikon to try and do these a bit more justice! Capture the hugeness of these buildings! 
A couple of places we traveled through gave me a bit of a feeling of claustrophobia for their sheer size!

Gorgeous Architecture!

All these photos are SOOC, straight out of the camera!

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Six Hearts

 One our way to breakfast one day, I chanced to see this little display of graffiti painted onto a brick wall at the entrance to an alley. I had to stop and take a photo of it!
There are many examples of Graffiti artwork on walls in downtown Medicine Hat. Some of the buildings are extremely old and have old advertising painted right onto the brick facades of the old buildings. I will be taking photos of these as the days go by. 

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

St. Margaret's Historic Church

P52 Sweet Shot Tuesday with Kent Weakley
St. Margaret's Anglican historic Church is located in Medicine Lodge Coulee in Alberta Cypress Hills. The church was originally built in 1907 and fully restored in 1992.
My hubby and I chanced to see a sign advertising the church on a recent drive, so we went out in search of it.

The Church was open to the public, honestly I think it is never closed as there were not any foot prints around it at all, just huge snowbanks and drifts. We had to plow our way through them to get up into the church.

Outside of the church is a Cemetary. Some of the stones were quite recent. A note inside the church said you can still get buried here, ashes only. No coffins.

The inside of the Church was still decorated for Christmas. A decorated tree up in the corner and decorations on the alter as well.

Standing just inside the door looking into the Church.

The decorated alter and the tree.
The old Organ. My hubby wanted to play it in the worst way.

A note inside also said that there weren't any regular scheduled services anymore, and that the only people who came to worship now were those, like us, that came to visit. 

Stained glass windows adorned each side of the church. Hard to see them here, as the light coming through was very bright.

The Church is heated by a wood stove. 

After leaving the Church to go back to the car, my hubby kindly plowed a path through the drifting snowbank for me to walk through. On the way in to the church I managed to find a hole and fall through up to my hips in snow. Hard to extricate myself from that! 
I still managed to find another hole and land on my derriere in the snow on the way back though, despite his clearing an excellent path for me to walk in. 

A view of some of the tombstones and further of the view from the church.

The Church Bell.

Another view of the gorgeous view!
If you would like to read up on the history of this little church further, please go and visit 

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