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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

My Bleeding Heart

My bleeding heart
For a couple of reasons.
It will pass. 
I have it on good authority, 
Thanks, Lora.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

This Old House

My sister and I recently took a road trip from Medicine Hat to Edmonton to see my niece, her daughter graduate from her Caregiving course. We rented a car, filled it full of our bags, our snacks and drinks, and our trusty set of directions located on a private Facebook message about how to get from here to there in no uncertain terms! You know the kind, go this many miles to this road turn right and continue till you get to this road, turn left and so on and so on. We had about  6 hours of travel and barring our stops for more food and those freshen up stops we made it to Edmonton in 7 hours. Pretty good, right??
We had a blast in Edmonton, and really enjoyed proud Mom and Auntie moments watching Tracey receive  her Certificate. We shopped till we dropped. We ate more food in three days than most eat in a week. But like all holidays, they must come to an end and we had to go home.

That is where the challenges began. Have you ever tryed to take the list of directions that brought you to one place and turn it around so it can take you back to where you came from? 
Well, needless to say, we ran into a few directional difficulties (detours) and we ended up travelling down a couple of roads that were not exactly on our backward map.

It can't be a mistake if it takes you to places you might never of seen had it not been for that unplanned detour, can it??? 
 I would never of seen this abandoned relic of an old house sitting in the middle of a farmer's field had it not been for that particular detour!

I stopped short of climbing through the barbed wire fence that surrounded the house to get closer and take better pictures of the place. 
I have been known to do that on occasion. Probably not the safest thing to do around these parts. I have been told that there are Rattle Snakes in this province and that the farmers don't take too lightly to trespassers on their property. 
This old house has seen better days. Its covered inside and out with graffiti, broken windows, peeling boards and surrounded in brown grass.. It has broken stairs and furniture inside. The elements have taken their toll. 
But it has history and if it could, probably a story or two to tell. 
And I would of never seen it if it had not been for that darn detour. (Detour- that's my story and I am sticking to it)
I'd love to tell you exactly where this place was but we were kind of lost, you know, the detour!!

Saturday, May 18, 2013

In the Pink, part 2

I waited a long time to see some pink blossoms. Most of my friends in B.C. have already been talking about Cherry blossoms for over a month now. In fact they say their blossoms are already past their lifespan. 
So finally, ours is starting to bloom, and I couldn't be happier. 
I thought I'd probably never see blossoms here in Alberta.
Its always windy here, so it was hard getting some photos that weren't blowing in that wind. 
At times the wind blows like crazy, and the air feels full of dust. Tumble weeds blow down the street and pile up on fences and against the sides of homes. 

This tiny LadyBug was trying to gather some food and not get blown away into the next yard.

Lots of little buds that still are set to open.

These pink blossoms really signal the arrival of Spring for me. I was beginning the think it wasn't going to happen!

These colours won't be around for much longer and I have waited so long for them, that I am loving being out and seeing their fleeting beauty. 

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Finally, I am in the Pink!

I have been waiting weeks for pink! And finally finally I found some. I found it right in the front yard after returning home from spending a few days away in Edmonton. 
These lovely pink blossoms bloomed while we were gone and greeted us as we drove up the driveway. I had to wait until the next morning to get some photos as it was just getting dark in the late evening when we arrived home.
The next morning I got up, dressed fast and grabbed my camera and raced upstairs, all excited to take some photos and what did I see. 
Wind. Lots of wind. 40 km/hour winds with gusts of wind up to 100 km/hour. 
And the wind lasted for two days. It blew and stormed and blew some more. 
At that rate, there would not of been a pink petal left to photograph.
So if I wanted any kind of photo of pink blossoms and I did, I had to get out there in a hurricane (it felt like one anyways) and hope I could adjust my shutter speed up high enough to take photos. And not get knocked over. And keep my hair from flying in front of the camera and into my eyes.
Oh, the challenges.

So these three photos are the start of my adventure on windy days taking pink blossom photos. I am glad I got them as today they look worse for wear, the edges of the delicate pink blossoms looking more ragged and turning brown. 
I will be posting more in the next few days. I would post them all right now but my internet is slower than molasses right now. 
I was patient trying to take these so you will have to come back and see some more- be patient!!

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Blue Flowers

I am posting a few more photos of Blue roses for you all to enjoy. 
Winter has been long and a bit lingering, so to enjoy some flowers right now, we head out to the store.
Bright blue against a background of white Baby's Breath, gorgeous!

We have to rely on store bought bouquets of flowers here, as Spring is slow to arrive here. Things are greening up a bit, and you can see the beginnings of Tulip and Daffodils growing, but flowers are only found in a flower shop at this time!

It shouldn't be long though and flowers will appear!!