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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Midweek Blues on the beginning of the month!

The Agricultural Recreational Fair was in town for this past long weekend, complete with a Rodeo, the Midway and of course Clowns.
This guy was making Balloon animals for the kids.

Taken in the center of the Midway grounds. The rides look fun but I can't go on them. It would kick my motion sickness into hyperdrive.

Next week is the Airshow but I will be out of town on holidays by then.
Trip photos will follow!!


Rebecca said...

A perfect outfit for midweek blues. However, somehow those sandles he is wearing don't quite go with the rest of the getup.

Rebecca said...


Dianne said...

the balloon guy is wearing fantastic PJs ;)

fun shots

have a wonderful trip

Carletta said...

Clowns and carnivals have been some of my favorite things since I was a young girl.
As a matter of fact I once rode that ride with a wonderful friend from high school. He and I are still friends 40 years later.
Thanks for the memories. :)
I have to agree with Dianne's comment.
BTW: The circle photo was made using an old Corel photoshop program. It makes circles from photos in one quick click. :)

Carletta said...

Meant to wish you good times on vacation.

kaye said...

looks like a good time . . . Kaye—the road goes ever ever on