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Monday, August 8, 2011

Macro Monday

I am leaving in the morning on a road trip with my Sister and Brother in Law. We are heading home for them to Alberta and for me to see my kids that also live in Alberta. I have a couple of weeks off and will try to post from thier house as well. It is at least a 16 hour straight through drive, but we will be stopping here and there. I plan on taking lots of photos along the way. The scenery is wonderful.

We have lots of things planned, people to visit and places to see. We will be busy!

I have to be back next Wednesday to home for an appointment but not back to work for the rest of that week. The plans so far are that both my kids will be out next week to our house so the visit will continue!
These little figurines were spyed at a garden store we visited yesterday. I thought they were cute enough to tell you all about my absence!!
Hope you all are enjoying your summer!!
Happy Trails.....


Gretchen said...

Such cute little figurines!! =D

Anonymous said...

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