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Saturday, February 27, 2010


"Never underestimate the power of the spoken word."
Just a simple line, for sure but its true. Sometimes a floodgate of memories can be released when a word is spoken. Sometimes we do not realize the power of our words will have on someone else.
Written words can be the same. I can read something and long after I have put the passage down, the thoughts are still in my mind.
The words on these pages for instance speak of times long gone, times I could not remember because I was just born. My grandmother though, thought to capture these moments on paper and today, many years after my grandmother has passed I can read this and see in the words written, her feelings and her thoughts of that day. I can see in her writings that it was her that made the Christening dress that I wore, and that I, years later, put on my own daughter to bring her home from hospital. The words are links from a time long gone to a time in the present.
Reading the words of my Grandmother's diary is like sitting down for tea and having a conversation with her. Like meeting her for the day and spending some quality time together.
The words on this page tell of my Grandfather's Funeral. I was two years old when he passed away, too young to remember him. I see his pictures and look into the eyes and long for a bit of time to get to know him as well. All I have are words written on yellowed paper to remember him by.
Words are powerful. Words can soothe the soul, lighten the load, gladden the heart, or cut to the bone. We all have the ability with our words to make a difference in the lives of those who hear us speak. We all can choose that impact our words will have.
I was cut today by a word. And when this person discovered it hurt me they repeated it again. I asked them not to but they did anyways.
Watch your words, because you never know. Make your words a soft place to land.

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Simply The Best said...

this is a very inspiring post...words cut like a knife! Sometimes it can be very painful especially if the person whom you trusted is the one who did it..that until now I still can't forget it.the bad thing those words were all lies and she just want to ruin me. I did not expected it from a friend whom you consider a family...i believed her envy and jealousy over-shadowed her to do it...Life must still go on..and I learned from what she did...Forgive and forget when we can! Peace!

have a great start of the month also!