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Friday, February 12, 2010

Friday's Favorite Five

This week has been a hard one for me. I have woken up each morning dreading to have to go and do the things I have to do, especially go to work. I notice when I have trouble with one thing in my life, it takes the balance out of all of the rest of my life. So I thought for my list I would use this opportunity to bring to my attention things I know I have in my life to be grateful for.
1) My clients at work are all developmentally delayed and all have special challenges that for the people that give daily care to them, can be very taxing. Some days are especially hard and no matter how much we love and care for our clients we all sometimes watch the clock, have our jacket on and car keys in hand to run out the door with what is left of our patience and get as far away as we can and closer to the sanctuary of our homes as fast as we can. We all work together as a team and bounce our difficulties and trials off of each other so I am grateful for the clients who continually test me and my limits and the staff who hold me up.
2) Somedays I get home from days such as above and have not managed to process the day before bringing it into the home. I am grateful for my hubby who makes me a cup of tea, clears a spot in his day and gives me undivided attention and listens to the remnants of my day. He helps me put it all into perspective and see the silver linings.
3) Sometimes I feel like I am running close to empty and don't have much left to share with people. It always happens at those times my energy is at its lowest that a challenge appears to shake me out of myself and encourage me to make a choice to step up. My hubby likes to bring home "strays" as we sometimes call them. For years we fostered Level 3 behaviorial teenagers, those kind with lots of letters behind thier names, such as FAS, ADHD etc. We were one of the last of the line for these kids and although we could not save them all, one or two made it all worthwhile. We have been out of fostering for a while, buy hubby still works with teens and now and then has to bring them home until he can find homes, jobs etc for them. So on my worst day this week at work, he brought home a teen to stay at the house. So it shows me that as much as I think my circumstances are rotten at any given time, there is always someone who has much worse states than I am in at any time. Gives me back some humility.
4) I have to put a couple of things on this list that are not so depressed sounding!! So here goes! Chocolate Dipped Strawberries. I am going to make these for hubby for Valentine's Day. Along with a dinner to share before dessert of course. I watched a cooking show that showed how to do this, so am going to make this for my Valentine!!
5) Love Hearts! I bought a bag of these to photograph them for a photo contest I entered last weekend, and I have been eating the sweet things since.

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Beth said...

hugs to you! Sometimes life is just hard! I feel a kinship with you, tho! My life is devoted to struggling kids... bless your heart! I am currently a Sped Teacher but have worked in numerous environments that deal with kids! Hang in there!

Laura said...

Oh, I pray you have a wonderful, love-filled Valentine's Day. It sounds like you spend your days pouring yourself out for others, and you deserve some TLC. What a sweet hubby you must have!

Susanne said...

A big hug to you. I totally understand everything you are saying in the post as I used to work with severly handicapped and behaviorally challenged students in the schools. Fellow staff and an understanding spouse are key to being able to decompress after some work days. So glad you have that support. And to take in teens to foster?! Kudos to you and your hubby. You are a very special couple!