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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Skywatch Friday

For Skywatch Friday this week, I have chosen a few pictures from Matsqui just down the highway from here. I got caught at a Railway Crossing and so had some time to snap these pictures.
One of my favorite sounds to hear is that of a train whistle from the distance. Just a childhood little piece of trivia to share with you all!
For more pictures of the skies from around the globe, go and visit http://skyley.blogspot.com/


fickleinpink said...

beautiful, bright scene!
have a great week!

xoxo, Fickle

Skywatching as I wait

Dar said...

The clouds look like marshmallow puff and powdered sugar glaze...thanks for sharing....love the train whistle...thanks for sharing
God Bless

KaHolly said...

Such a pretty sky, the colors are so crisp and clear. Great subject in the picures - I can almost hear the whistle of the train! Have a nice weekend. ~karen