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Thursday, July 30, 2009

This and That

I am not going to try to download a picture tonight, just a few words for you is all.
-It is hotter than Hades here. We have broken all time records here the past three days. Today was 37 degrees Celcius, yesterday 38. Our normal for this time of year is about 25 Celcius. The humidity makes it horrible at around 60%. The air feels like a sauna.
-My cat does not know what to do in this weather. He is just exhausted. He lays down on the floor and stretches himself out as long as he can get. He even lets me brush him and that is nuts. He is a crazy psycho cat who scratches you just as soon as he can get close enough.
-How do you cool off?? My hour long one way commute each day in my four window down, 60 miles per hour air conditioned car just does not really do the job. I got stuck in a bit of a traffic jam and just about melted. It worries me how the old people and the sick are handling this weather. And there is no break in it for the next week the weather man says.
-I need a vacation to someplace cool!! Off to my bedroom with its two industrial size fans and a box fan in the window. I can sleep through all that noise!!
Skywatch Friday tomorrow, will post something then!!

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