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Monday, July 13, 2009

Macro Monday

For Macro Monday I have added two pictures I have just entered into a Weekly Photo Contest. The Theme for this week is Items of Disrepair - Cracked, Peeling, Rusting, etc.
This is a close up of a window crack on an old truck parked outside a garage in Hope. The truck has been there forever, I don't know if they had plans to fix it but It is a wreck right now as it stands. I like the looks of the window as it is. It has a story to tell, places its been and what its met up with. Sounds funny I know, but a clear unblemished window is kind of boring. As well, how does the world look if you had to look at it through the cracks.
And aren't we all a little cracked in some way by going through life?? It speaks of the experiences we have had, and how we now come to view the world as we see it because of the cracks we live with. Life changes us, life marks us.

Old rusty chains that pull an anchor up in an old boat located in Steveston Harbour. I liked the colours of the rust, kind of earthy colours of nature.
We all have chains figuratively speaking that bind us as well. Chains that anchor us. Or tether us to our lives. Maybe they imprison us in our fears, our inhibitions, or our nightmares rather than our dreams. Maybe they are heavy on our souls, or as light as filament. Maybe they change too and take on different dimensions based on our experiences.
I took these pictures quite a while ago, so who knew I would get to use them for this purpose!!


olivia said...

I love, love, love that shot of the chains! Nicely captured.

(Thanks for the kind words at my b too ... :)

lisaschaos said...

I never would have thought of a cracked windshield as beautiful! But it looks like spiderwebs! Love the rusty chain!