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Monday, July 27, 2009

To Heck with it Part two!!

Once again I cannot seem to get pictures uploaded to my blog. I tryed three times and once I wiped out my upload when I went to send a comment on another blog I visit. I guess again it was not meant to be.
So I will just give a little update for you all!!
-It is so hot here I don't feel like doing anything but hiding in the house and whimpering. Today was 32 Celcius or in other words, Hot as Hades. We are in the middle of a heatwave right now and they are calling for 36 Celcius tomorrow, a record breaker. I think I might melt away.
-My butt (look down a couple of posts) is hardly hurting at all anymore. Thank goodness that fall did not crack anything important!!
-My daughter Lora is getting her tattoo fixed and added onto right now. I am dying to know what she is having done to it. She and I went a year ago and got tattoos on Mother's Day. She was not happy with hers so today is getting that changed. I hope she likes the results. I am going to promise to barbeque all her favorite things for supper tomorrow night if she comes out here for supper to show me!! I'll take a picture!!
-I'll post it here!!

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