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Friday, July 24, 2009

The Butt of my Own Joke

Yesterday at the Westminster Abbey in Mission, I wandered the beautiful grounds taking pictures for a couple of hours. This gate was open when I arrived and then closed when the path brought me around to where I had started. I thought the path and the gate, even open was beautiful so was excited to take a picture of it in the closed position.
Now I have my camera around my neck and my camera back pack on my back so I figured I was a balanced load. Not so I guess when you walk on a loose gravel road in a downhill slant. And you like the light you see and the way the path ahead of the gate glistens in the sun, maybe instead of checking the footing I was checking out the path ahead instead.
Anyways, suddenly my shoe slid on the gravel, my feet went out from under me and down I went.
No big deal, I'm fairly short so it is not a long way down to ground. Can't get hurt in such a short distance. My concern is not for my welfare at that moment but my camera. Its amazing how fast your mind can process the process of the tumble you are in and choose the best way to protect not your body but the body and parts of your precious camera.
So down I go and my butt is the safest thing to land on and to stay upright in a seated position you throw your arm back behind you to stop the flow of falling in a laydown position. I'm glad my camera made it in one piece and I seemed to as well other than my pride a bit!
So fast forward to today and I go to sit outside on my favorite lawnchair for my morning coffee and I came out of that chair at breakneck speed when my butt hit the chair!! What a pain in the butt.
So It only hurts when I sit down, and I can laugh at that!! Laugh at the butt of my joke!!


epiac1216 said...

Ouch! I hope you feel better. Nice story. I enjoyed it. I almost felt the fall.

Take care,


Lorac said...

Hmm I would have done the same. Camera protection at it's best! Butt.. if now you are suffering, a mental note to self maybe good for the future to prevent further butttastrophies!

Celeste said...

Oww! Make sure you find yourself a nice soft cushion :)

olivia said...

lol, ouch!

I hope it's healing up!

olivia said...

btw, that's a gorgeous photo of the gate. :)