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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Blueberry Pancakes

Don't mean to make you all drool, well actually yes I do but what could be more tantalizing than a plate of fresh blueberry pancakes such as this?? We all have our favorite pancake recipes so I won't bother you by posting my recipe. It's probably the same in a lot of respects as one of yours. And the blueberries are fresh picked at the Blueberry farms here in Abbotsford. That is the one thing that I have here that you can't put in your pancakes.
And of course you have to have butter in large quantities to melt over each pancake. Butter, not margarine. There is no substitute for butter. And Maple Syrup. Real Maple Syrup. Not Aunt Jemima or whatever stuff is cheap at the market.
And you have to have a huge number of pancakes so you can eat until you are stuffed with pancakes. Until you cannot fit one more thin wafer in you. Until you have consumed enough to catapult you into a carb coma for the next couple of days.
So What could be better than Fresh Blueberry Pancakes for breakfast I ask???
Fresh Blueberry Pancakes for supper of course!!! Sometimes the best breakfast you can have is to have breakfast for supper.
So try it sometime, I know you will like it!!


MrCeesLady said...

K Well thanks for that Lorna....it's 11:30pm and now I want blueberry pancakes....yup thanks!!! LOL

Arija said...

I came for your watershots but I think I just got sidetracketinto a second breakfast....mmm...yum, yum, yum

Babooshka said...

They look delicious. I love blueberry muffins, now I want the pancakes.