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Saturday, June 12, 2010

This and That, a list of gratitudes for a wonderful day.

Its been a wonderful day today, out all day in the glorious sunshine with my hubby. I took my camera with me but there just did not seem to be any occasions where I had to take it out for pictures. So I don't have anything to post for here!!
I read another blogger's post the other day http://charlaneg.blogspot.com/ or Ramblins, and she posted a list of her 100 or more favorite things, so thought instead I would post a list of today's favorite things, seeing as how it was such an awesome day.
1. Spending the day with my best friend.
2. Sleeping in a bit and waking up to sunshine finally pouring in the bedroom. It rains a lot here!
3. Coffee with brown sugar and cream.
4. My new PopPhoto magazine.
5. Going out for breakfast to the Phoenix Diner. My hubby played Bejeweled with the diner's five year old son while we were there. I love seeing them play, it's become a every saturday thing to go there for Breakfast.
6. My Omelette loaded with fresh veggies and gooey cheese.
7. Marmalade on my toast.
8. And another cup of coffee!
9.Walk through town to go and see the weekly Farmer's Market.
10. Seeing all the bright, fresh farmers vegetables. Colourful peppers, purple eggplants, garlic, onions, mushrooms and so many herbs. The sun shining down, warm and the plethora of wondrous scents in the air.
11. Tasting homemade relishes and salsas on corn chips at the various stands, All the different home made jams and jellies. It's hard to know what to get.
12. Face painted children running around, sun dresses, cute sandals. Lots of energy abounding.
13. Back to the car and on the road again. There is another farmer's market in the next town over.
14. This market is twice the size, so much to see.
15. Artisan breads, scones, muffins!
16. Home made jewelry.
17. Home made aprons, pottery, crafts.
18. Chalk art, budding artists hard at work.
19. Deep blue skies, you have to squint the sun shines so bright.
20. Lots of eclectic stores around the area of the farmer's market. Off to explore some of those as well.
21. Ice Cream!! And I have not even had lunch.
22. Pineapple Gelato ice cream with a scoop of Coconut Gelato ice cream on the top!! Summer in a bowl.
23. Comic book store.
24. Used Book store. So much to browse.
25. Buy a beaded Hummingbird with very colourful beads to hang on my rear view mirror in my car.
26. Candy store! Pez candies in sour, chocolate and sweet. So much to choose.
27. Chocolate bar, dark, with Chilies in it. Different.
28. Back to the Mall for a bit of lunch.
29. Cream of Potato Soup with chunks of bacon in it liberally sprinkled with fresh ground pepper.
30. Stealing a big pickle slice from hubby's sandwich.
31. Sharing a Coke with hubby.
32. Another book store!!
33. Finding two books on Photography to read.
34. Finding a series of TinTin comic books priced rediculously low for my hubby. He collects series like this.
35. Back to find the truck, time to go home, hang out and read our new treasures.
36. Home now.
37. Meeting my neighbour's brand new baby daughter Mia for the first time. Three weeks old of beautiful baby!
38. Coffee with Brown Sugar and Cream on the sundeck, new books to peruse.
39. Watermelon
40.  Liberty Moka flavoured Yogurt. To die for!!
41. Listening to the next door's Classic Rock on thier stereo. It's not too loud, just enough to sing along with.
42. The park behind our hosue and watching the dog walkers, the walkers, listening to the kid's play in the field, and on the playground.
43. Enjoying my greenspace behind my house.
44. Wireless internet so I can sit outside and write my list.
45. My cats, enjoying the day with us from the safety of the house. They are indoor cats only, hate for them to escape, we'd never catch them.
46. My beautiful purple Clematis that just bloomed this week in the planter box to my left.
47. Purple roses blooming in my yard.
48. My one lone yellow iris that bloomed this year. Must thin out the irises so they will bloom. Grateful for the one though that did!
49. Time for a glass of Fuzion Malbec wine from Argentina. It's long past five o'clock here!
50. All of you who visit my blog to see what I have up next. I really appreciate your visits and I love to visit yours as well.

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Char said...

thank you for letting me know about your list - sounds like a perfect day to me - filled with lots of love and fun.