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Saturday, June 19, 2010

Happy Father's Day to all the Fathers out there!
My Dad has been gone now for over 10 years and it seems sometimes like only a day has passed and other times like its forever. It's the little things that chance to happen that bring back memories for me now, some creep slowly into my conciousness and others hit me like a ten ton truck full steam.
Father's Day used to be a painful thing to go through after he passed away. The memory of his death was fresh and raw, I missed him a lot. I still to this day can see him in my mind's eye, the last time I saw him. Today though, 10 years later, it is bittersweet. The little things that enter now usually make me smile, make me feel like he is just here checking on me, making sure I am doing fine and then off to continue his travels.
So to celebrate Father's Day and remember my Dad, I am going to do a few things he would of loved sharing with us. My Dad's favorite breakfast was Bacon and Eggs. I can still hear him coming into the kitchen when Bacon was cooking, saying "Is that Bacon I smell??" And he loved his white bread. Wonder bread toast. And maybe after I will head out to the local parks and feed some birds. He never went a day without feeding birds. My dad loved to fish, loved the water. Seeing boats reminds me of him.

So I think that spending the day doing some of the things that gave my Dad so much pleasure is one way for us to spend the day celebrating all he meant to us.
Whatever you are doing to celebrate Father's Day, I hope it is a fun and loving celebration for you all. And to all you Fathers out there, enjoy your special day!!


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Char said...

my dad has been gone 10 years too and i miss him everyday.

on saturday mornings he used to call at 7:00 and still called me baby even though i was grown.

precious memories.

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