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Monday, June 7, 2010

Macro Monday

Welcome to Macro Monday. I also have a few photos that I posted yesterday in the post below so hopefully you can check those out as well, and my contribution today is a Dandilion with a bee!! Even those nasty weeds that infiltrate our gardens have something to offer to the lowly bee!!

I like the little curlies on the dandilion!

To see more photos of Macro Monday, please go and visit http://lisaschaos.com/


Rosie@leavesnbloomw said...

Beautiful macros - I have found it quite hard to get really good pictures of the bees - they are so fast for me plus I'm always afraid one will take offence at having a lens near it and sting me! Your photos are just perfect.

Jan n Jer said...

What a great shot...I often wonder how such a beutiful flower can be such a nasty weed all in the same sense!

Kala said...

Wonderful detail of the blossom and the bee.

A 2 Z said...


Thanks for the visit. Its the first macro of a dandelion that I've ever seen. I never knew that the tips of the petals were jagged. Interesting!

Thanks for sharing. I'm a new follower!


EG Wow said...

That bee looks very happy on that dandelion!