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Sunday, August 31, 2008

Yet another water leak post...

Again we faced the formidable leaking toilet and tryed to fix the freakin' leak. That toilet came off, a new seal and flange and whatever went on and the toilet got screwed back into place. We all took our places, flushed the damn thing and guess what, it still leaked.
Okay, once more the toilet came off its hinges and a new rubber gasket, and a new circular base got added, the whole thing screwed down yet again and once more we all took our respective places and flushed the flippin' toilet one more time. It leaked even worse.
By now the only thing holding the toilet in one piece and my and my hubby's patience together was our friend Chris who stubbornly and relentlessly would not let us smash the frickin' toilet to smithereens.
Off to the hardware store for one last stock up of supplies, the toilet got lifted off its rocker one more time and a bunch of new hardware went down into the hole along with one of hubby's screwdrivers which got fished out by one of my coat hangers. The toilet got put back on, screwed down within an inch of its life, it got a good talking to about what we did not want to see and once again we all took our respective places and flushed the toilet. It didn't leak.
We sat on it and flushed it again. It did not leak.
We changed places and sat on it again ( he is heavier than me after all) and flushed. It did not leak.
Now it may sound all good and all that there does not seem to be any more leaks and I am very happy about that, don't get me wrong. But there is one little thing about it all that I am deeply disturbed by and right now am not going to say anything for fear my hubby's blood pressure does the slow creep upwards and that is about the foot long piece of 1/2 inch wood he jammed under the front of the toilet to bring it up level. How long am I going to have to live with this state of the art wedge under my toilet? And if you want to see a picture of it I will gladly get one and put it up tomorrow. I'll label it wedgies!!!

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