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Saturday, August 30, 2008

Leaking the bathroom update.

From yesterday's post: We'd tore a big hole in the wall only to discover that was not where the leak was coming from. Not all is lost though as we have to put water shut off valves on the pipes anyways and construct a panel so we can access it again easily if need be. We also discovered that whoever built the bathroom used gyprock all around the shower walls, its what is under the shower enclosure and what the bathtub taps are going through into the bathtub. Even I know with my limited plumbing knowlege that you have to use marine plywood with a vapor barrier. But again I digress.
The shower is not where the leak is but we did find the leak. Its under the toilet. Which we tryed to fix. Hubby took the toilet off, put new wax rings and what ever under, new shims, new screws etc. Nothing but the best and put the whole thing back together again. Turned the water on and with great trepidation flushed the toilet.
It leaked.
Nothing like standing downstairs in the closet looking up while the toilet is being flushed to see if you can see where its leaking and having drops of water, toilet water rain down on your head.
Back to square one tomorrow morning. Repeating the whole process once again. Please pray to the toilet gods that it works this time....

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