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Thursday, August 21, 2008

Bringing home another stray for the weekend.

My hubby needs to quit doing this. One of the kids he has councilled off and on for a few years decided to leave home a couple of weeks ago. Her friend said no problem, come live on my couch. Well, her friend's mom who is a single mom put up with that for a week or so but she can't afford the hungry mouth to feed so suddenly she is without a place to stay. So she is coming here. And we will be doing the social worker etc. thing to get her placed. And that takes time because as long as she has a place to stay, why should they work to place her somewhere that will cost them. We've been down this road before. And it ain't pretty as the say.
And maybe I am being a bit selfish here, heck I am being a bit selfish, but the next four days I have off just went up in smoke. And I have a ten day stretch at work after these four days off so no rest for the selfish here.
Anyways, that is the end of my rant for now. I am off upstairs to make up the guest room.....

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