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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Minnie gets a Haircut!!

It has been hotter than Hades around here lately and I started feeling sorry for Minnie with all the long fur she has. Usually we have to shave her about every three months or so but it had been a while since the last beauty treatment and it was time.
Supplies needed for this adventure include a big towel to lay her onto, the kitchen counter( I know, but it is the only spot with access on both sides), my next door neighbour who is the only one who is not afraid of her switch blades and is strong enough to convince her to lay still and take it like a cat. He needs a good pair of leather gloves that will withstand punctures as well. And of course the shears. About two shaves ago we discovered the shave goes so much faster if we don't use the black gaurds on the blade but without it Minnie looks like she has been butchered rather than coiffed!! The underbelly is the hardest and most dangerous part to cut. She does not like anyone or anything touching her tummy.
Look at that look on her face. She is plotting revenge or mayhem of her own. Really she will thank me in the end of it all when she is ever so much cooler and lighter.
Here is the finished product. Not too much taken off really, or so it looks but she lost about two inches or so of fur. There is enough cat hair in the garbage now to clothe another cat!! It's unbelieveable how much hair she has. She even feels lighter after the haircut. And she is no lightweight cat to begin with!!!
I'll give her a nice big bowl of her crunchies and she will soon forgive me for this sacrilege!!

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Rose said...

I do not envy you this job--at all! My daughter had a cat that if we attempted to give him a bath he turned into a chainsaw! Needless to say, he only got about one or two baths in his lifetime when he was young and HAD to have them.