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Friday, August 29, 2008

Water Leaks

I don't have any pictures yet but we had to tear a big hole in the bathroom wall today behind the shower taps and pipes to try and find the leak we found yesterday.
The water has been leaking down to the ground floor into a back storage closet room and right over the Power breaker panel box. And its been doing it for a while, evidenced by the mold from the water in the closet. Yuck!! Going to take a hefty duty mask and gloves to clean that up. But I digress.
The owners of the house before us did not have any access panels to the bathtub plumbing hence the necessity of making a big hole in the wall to expose said plumbing. So its a bit damp back there but I really don't think that is the source of the leak. The water stain that is visible on the bathroom floor is completely around the toilet, discolouring the linoleum on the floor and I think really that is where the leak comes from. What a headache. The flooring has to come off, the toilet has to come out and maybe the subfloor has to be replaced and the toilet reset. To make matters worse, it is the only bathroom in this house. Hows that for Murphy's Law???
And I am stuck in the house all long weekend with my company's Staffing phone and all the books to do that job with the only bathroom in the house and the water leak. Its my really lucky week!!

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