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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Big Time Ouch.

I am nursing a sore lower back for the past couple of days. Don't know what I did, or where I did it but it sure is sore.
Background, I have had two bad lower back injuries, one 6 years ago and one 4 years ago and a car accident last year that injured upper back and neck.
I joined the gym three months ago, so maybe I overdid it there, I have not walked as much since I joined that gym either, maybe that has made a difference. I bought new runners and have been wearing them without inserts in them, maybe that contributes. Maybe it was the section of fence we took down in the yard last week and carried off. Maybe it was all of the above.
Anti-inflammatories, ice and heat and stretching are my constant friends the past few days. Hope it makes a difference soon.

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