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Thursday, March 31, 2011


Some people really take their Bingo seriously. They have their many cards arranged just so, and are all ready and waiting for each number to be announced. They use thier bingo daubers and literally stamp their intentions on each and every card. They hold their breath, slide forward to the edges of their chairs the closer they get to the elusive Bingos.

When someone jumps up and yells Bingo, the collective sigh from all the others can be heard and a few people even venture to let out an expletive or two expressing their disappointment at not winning again. These Bingo Daubers seem to express the collective sighs and expetives. I saw these in a Dollar Store!
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Meryl said...

Great post! Got a big laugh out of me, although I am not a bingo player. I did play once at a school fundraiser with my son. We won! He got a sweatshirt, towel and sports bottle. He was one happy dude.

Re said...

Too funny!