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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Macro Monday

The Art of the Written Words.
Seeing these old Calligraphy pens and ink sets today got me wondering about actually writing and the written words.
With everyone having Computers, Cell Phones, Tablets etc. these days, I wonder if most of the things we might normally write in hand are now typed or texted or emailed from us to another.
I cannot remember the last time I sent a written note to someone. I have sent e-mails to friends and family, and texted messages over my phone. When I want something like a recipe for instance, I will find it online and print a copy of it out. I do my banking online, I shop online. My calendar on the computer. I don't even have to sign my name much anymore it seems.

The only days I do have to pick up a pen and write something is when I am at work. If it weren't for that I think writing would be a seldom practised and seldon done activity for me.

We type a quick note and send it when its just as fast and much more personal to write a note and send it. We text messages by the dozens when we could just pick up the phone and have a chat. It seems that the practise of writing is slowly going by the wayside. And with it as well our lives become more impersonal and distant. We wonder in our hearts what we miss in our lives.
And I think that is kind of a sad thing to ponder.
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It's the first day of Spring today, wishing everyone a wonderful warm and sunny season!!


Jay at The Depp Effect said...

These are GREAT photos! I love old, well used, things like this, and you did an excellent job of photographing them to bring out the character.

It's interesting to think about what is happening to our written culture. I think people do still write, but a lot less, and I've noticed that my handwriting has seriously deteriorated these days. It seems I can't take the time to write slowly anymore. My mother (91) on the other hand, still has beautiful writing - she never touches anything more 'techie' than her phone!

GrandmaK said...

I agree we have lost the art of letter writing. A sad commentary on the life we all lead today! Much too busy to sit down and share in this form of art. Your pictures are wonderful and so unique! Very special post! Cathy

anemonen said...

Good old ink pen are forgotten. Lovely post!!

~✿~Icy BC said...

I remember writing with those, and like you I don't remember hand written anything to anyone for so long!

EG Wow said...

It is kind of sad, isn't it? But communicating electronically is much easier these days.

MarieElizabeth said...

What a neat ink and pen set. You are right, we do more electronically these days. I still try to make home made greeting cards. It keeps me from becoming completely addicted to technology.

lisa said...

What a wonderful post, and such fantastic photos!!

Walk in New York said...

belle idee de photo, j'aime beaucoup

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