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Friday, December 3, 2010

Friday's Favorite Five

Lots to be thankful for this week! It's not hard to find five favorite fives!
1) Balance: I have had a harsh bout of Vertigo for the past couple of weeks. It has really limited everything in my life while the world spins around. There is not much you feel like or are able to do when you are so dizzy. The past four days I have been able to return to work, still feeling a bit off kilter, but much better than before. I do love balance in my life.
2) My cat Scarf - who managed to find a hole in the back of my free standing fireplace on Monday and get herself stuck in it. She was stuck for four hours and it required dismantling our fireplace to get her out. We took her to the vet to be checked out and I am so thankful that she is okay and there does not seem to be any side effects from her ordeal.
3) My Photoshop course I have been taking ended on Wednesday. I wrote my final exam and handed in my final project. I really enjoyed the course and learned a lot. I am looking forward to the next one, the Advanced Photoshop course!
4) Shirley, my hairdresser who cut my hair yesterday and today coloured it. It looks great!
5) Lemon and Ginger Herbal Tea- I have drank gallons of it the past few weeks. It settled my stomach immensely and kept me hydrated.
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