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Friday, December 31, 2010

Friday Favorite Five

I can't believe its the end of the year today, where did the time go? There have been many changes in the last year and yet some things just stay the same. I reflect back on the year and the path my life has gone and its twists and turns and I have to be grateful for all the blessings I have. How could we not?
1) When you think of it, it really is a small world after all. This year my daughter moved out to Alberta. It's really not that far away when you think about it, but when she first told me about her plans I was none too happy to have her go there. I thought about it for a bit and realized I was just being selfish and thinking about my feelings and not hers. She has been there now for two months and I am missing her, yes, but I am ever grateful that she is in a nice town, sharing a house with my son and is safe and happy. She helps my son and takes care of his house and that makes me feel happy for both of them. She has her Aunt and Uncle there as well and cousins so she is not alone. The world is her oyster as they say and I am excited for her and happy for her.
So she may be far away from here, but she is close and I can rest easy with that.

2) Sometimes when you look at something, you do not see the whole picture. It might take a few times of revisiting the scene and really looking at it closely to see what really is there. It's one thing I love about Photography. I am constantly seeing new things each time I gaze upon a photo. I also love how it also resembles life. I can look at a situation I am involved with and not see the whole picture. I can see it maybe from my view but not someone else's. I can try to make them see it the way I see it but can I really do that? And maybe I cannot see what they see in it all. It doesn't make it right, It doesn't make it wrong either, it just is. I love food for thought, I am never hungry!!

3) I love paths. I have walked my path, rocky and smooth now for a lot of years. There have been lots of forks in the road, lots of offshoots I may or may not choose to travel on, lots of intersections of my path with others, lots of light airy spots on my path and lots of dark scary spots as well. I have shared my path with others, and walked it alone. And sometimes I have sat, not sure which way to go, not sure if I can, basically in a rut. I am grateful for this past year of paths. I am grateful for those who travel with me and I am sure looking forward to continuing on and seeing what is beyond the bend.

4) I am happy and grateful for the many blessings in my life.
When I allow expectations and feelings about how things should be to make me happy, I am letting disappointment fill my life and resentment to seed my soul.
When I am full of disappointment I can never see that my life is really blessed in so many ways.
And when I am resentful, I push away those most precious to me and then blame them for my unhappiness.
My life is very blessed, I am very lucky. And I am loved.

5) And lastly, I am going to be a willing participant in all I can dream my life to be in the coming year. I can dream the best for my life, and I can make it happen.
I could not of imagined everything that happened from this past year but it has been the best dream and I am onward to the next year with much anticipation.
To everyone who visits my blog, who follows my blog I thank you all for coming here and joining in! I hope you keep coming back and I promise I will too!
I wish you all a Very Happy and Prosperous New Year!!!
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Willow said...

I love your five faves today. How true it is that when disappointment and resentment fill our thoughts, the gratitude and thankfulness can not find a place. May we all focus on gratitude and happiness in 2011.

Happy New Year!

Georgianna said...

Hello, Lorna and Happy New Year! Thank you for your kind words at my last post.

I'm really impressed with your list and observations here – I can tell you've reflected and put sincere thought into counting your blessings and looking forward to the new year and creating your life to match your dreams. What a wonderful way to begin a new year and so beautifully expressed. I look forward to seeing it all unfold and will definitely be following along!

– g