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Monday, November 29, 2010

Macro Monday

This is Scarf, my one year old rescue Cat I have written about before in past posts. She gave me a horrible scare today and I am sure she was petrified too.
Scarf found the Air Intake hole behind our Standing Wood stove and got stuck head first in the hole. She was in there stuck for four hours. We had to take apart the stove, pull it toward the center of the room and turn it on its side to see under the stove to see her head. She was so scared and could not back up or go forward. We had to spray a bit of pepper spray on the stove to make it really uncomfortable for her which it did and after about two minutes she backed up through the hole and got out. We could not pull her out of the hole as her front legs and shoulders and head were stuck through the hole. After we got her out, we took her right away to get checked at the Vet and she had to have a bath to make sure she had any pepper spray washed off. We have eye drops for her eyes to use for the next few days, but otherwise she was okay. Thank goodness for that.
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Helene said...

thank goodness she's ok...that was pretty smart to think of using pepper spray to get Scarf to free herself...it's a good thing that cats have 9 lives!

Anonymous said...

Poor kitty, I am so glad she is ok though! What a beauty she is!

nanny said...

What a beautiful cat.....and lucky too..ha
Your header is just gorgeous!!!