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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Greek Lamb Dip

Greek Lamb Dip!!

Cook 1 lb. of Ground Lamb in skillet with 2 TBSP. Greek Seasoning. After completely cooked, drain fat off and cool lamb.

While the Lamb is cooking, chop up desired amount of Roma Tomatoes, English Cucumber, Green Onions and Iceberg Lettuce.
Spread a container of Hummus into the bottom of a Pie Plate.
Just like this! Then scatter the cooked Lamb over the top of the Hummus.

Spread the Tzatsiki Sauce evenly over top of the Lamb layer.
This stuff!

If you dollup it over and then spread it out with a spoon it will be even over the lamb.

Just like this!

Spread all your cut up Vegetables over the top of your layers.

Spread a good layer of Feta Cheese over the top and your dip is done!
Serve the dip with Toasted Pita chips or with Multigrain Chips.

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