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Monday, April 5, 2010

Macro Monday

Its spring now and evidence of that is all over for us to see. One of the things that I feel when spring arrives is that desire to do some spring cleaning, to open up the windows and blinds and let the fresh air in, to get in all the corners and give the house a darn good cleaning. I see that also in the world of the Geese!!

This soon to be a Mama Goose is setting up her house in preparation of things to come. Its kind of a strange place for her to get her house in order, being so out in the open of a busy park.
She was continually re-arranging the bits of dried stalks of grass around her in a circle and pulling pieces of grass off the plant next to her to fortify her house.
I am the same when I get heavy into cleaning my house. I rearrange things, take some furniture and move it from room to room, clean the corners and behind things and go to the store to get what I need to complete the chores.
I work from front of the house to the back, until the job is done. Seems Mother Goose here has had the same training!!
Here you can see under Mother Goose how clean the floor is! I think it is all part of Spring Fever, and I think we all are going to be suffering from it to some degree in the weeks to come!!
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Gel said...

H there!

Nice sequence. All were fun to see; especially like the last one! The plummage, the pose- super photo.
Happy MM!

jay said...

One of you needs to come over and clean my house too! I don't mind which! LOL!

Sweet pictures. :)

EG Wow said...

I bet geese are good nest keepers. :)