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Friday, April 23, 2010

Classic Car Show, the Batmobile.

My hubby is a huge Batman fan. He is also a collector of all things Batman so finding out that the first original Batmobile and its creator, George Barris was coming to town to the Classic Car Show was awesome news to him.
Even more awesome for him was to be able to provide the in-show security for the Batmobile and George Barris during the entire three day show. It is like a huge dream come true for him. He gets some of his collectible cars personally autographed by George Barris and gets to sit in the Batmobile among other things.
It is different to see the car in person than on the screen of the TV. My hubby also has all the shows, movies and cartoons, and comics and graphic novels as well.
My hubby standing next to the Batmobile.
Side view of the Batmobile.
My hubby and George Barris shaking hands.
The details on the Batmobile were quite detailed, even down to small bats on the hubs of all the wheels.
My hubby was so excited to be the one doing security he togged out his uniform to reflect the things he was providing security for. He sewed some of his patch collection onto his uniform shirts!
The newest Batman, in a few years or more.
I will post some more pictures of other cars at the car show in later posts.
It was not all about Batman after all!!


Christopher said...

That was the original George Barris, but it was a replica Batmobile. check out 1966batmobile.com for all things batmobile and www.starcarcentral.com to see one of the best drivable bats out there. I love the gotham patch! Thanks for sharing the photos, looks like a fun day!

Mike Laplante said...

Found you via Victoria Daily Photo (Benjamin Madison's photo-blog).

I used to have the Matchbox version of this car! Featured moving flames coming out the tailpipe, missiles and a blade that popped out of the front for breaking through chain barriers...

Man, I loved that thing...