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Monday, November 2, 2009

Macro Monday

With Fall here and the temperatures getting cooler, one of the things I have noticed around my house is that the spiders have moved thier webs/homes closer in towards the house. I think they are trying to get closer to the warmer parts of the house as the temps get colder.
I haven't a clue what kind of spider this is, but I do like the patterns on her back. She is a well dressed arachnid!!
And as long as she stays outside in her own home, and doesn't try to come in to mine, we can have a live and let live attitude towards each other.
I know that since I bought my camera I would of run screaming off in the opposite direction rather than get this close to it. My camera takes me places I would not normally go to for sure.
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Dave Ingram said...

Cool spider - we've got one that's built a web in front of a window. Hours of entertainment!