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Monday, November 16, 2009

Macro Monday

I figured it was about time for another Kitten fix, I know I can't get enough of her!!
For all those who did not meet the kitten last week here on Macro Monday, my hubby picked up this kitten after he had witnessed the car in front of him, the person in the car, unroll the window and toss her out of the moving car. He pulled over and found her and brought her home.
It's been a week of getting to know her and her personality and we have finally found a name for her that suits her to a tee!!
Meet Scarf!!! So named because her favorite safe place to be is on my hubby's shoulder stretched out over his neck just like a scarf. And also because she seems to have a bit of a feeding disorder. I think the last place she was at before being tossed out the car window did not feed her much if anything. She is a maniac about her food. She will scarf down a bowl of kitty food in about a minute. We have to limit the amount she gets each meal as she does not seem to have any shut off saying she is full. We have to hide our other cat's food as well as she would scarf that down as well. So Scarf is her name.
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