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Friday, October 30, 2009

Friday's Fave Five

I've never posted on Friday's favorite Five but I really like the idea and have been lurking for a while. I enjoy reading the posts I have visited. It's about time I added my part to it!! So here goes. I added some photos I took tonight on a walk around the park.
1) I love paths. I've said it before here, and am always drawn to walk on a path, seek out paths especially the ones that are less travelled. I wonder who before me has travelled the path, where the path might lead, what I will learn on the way through the path. Lots of things to like about paths!!

2) It is hard to tell here but the wind is really blowing. Its gusting about 30 or more miles per hour and the wind is warm and soft. I love walking on windy days, feeling the breeze against my skin, the gentle push against me as I walk. I am one that would be out in a hurricane trying to challenge my ability to push through what it throws at me. I love the wind!!!
3) I love Fall for all the crisp layers of leaves fallen from the trees, just begging to be walked through!! I don't much like raking leaves, unless it is into piles so I can turn around and shuffle my way right through the middle of the pile. I love the crisp crunch of dry fallen leaves.
4) Blue Cheese!! I did not like blue cheese for the better part of 40 years and have just discovered its creamy sharp yumminess thanks to my neighbour who forced me to try it and see what I was missing.
5) Halloween candy season and I am munching on a Skor Chocolate bar as I write this. I stole them all out of the chocolate box and now have a stash in the freezer. Oh and they taste great too with a glass of Shiraz!!
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Susanne said...

Thanks for joining in. I'm glad you finally decided to take the plunge. I loved your very first post. I'm very much a fall girl and can relate to your feelings on the paths and the leaves. The wind is at this moment gusting around here at 30 mph too. The blue cheese though. Well, I'm still working on that one. :v)