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Sunday, August 2, 2009

Today's Flowers

Every now and then you just have to go into your local florist and buy yourself some flowers. Don't wait for some special occasion and some one to see the need and go and buy you flowers. Take the opportunity to treat yourself and choose a nice bouquet of something that grabs your fancy and take it home with you. The hardest decision you will have to make is what arrangement you want!! They all look good and will look great on a sunny spot in your home.
Click on the picture to enlarge!!

For more pictures of lovely flowers please visit http://flowersfromtoday.blogspot.com/


SandyCarlson said...

That is enough beauty to live on for a long time!

Denise said...

I agree with you about not waiting for a special occasion. I love to buy flowers and as I don't get them all the time, when I do treat myself they always make me feel great. Thank you for sharing this lovely photo and have a great week.

Naturegirl said...

I pick flowers from the garden in the summer but in the winter months..buying flowers is always on the grocery list!Flowers make the heart feel light!

Pat - Arkansas said...

What a lovely array of flowers from which to choose. If I could, I'd have flowers in the house every day. Nothing makes one feel more special.

Thanks for sharing your photo.

Marju said...

Beautiful but I do not know what the flower will have!

Reader Wil said...

Good advice! Lovely florist's display!

Anonymous said...

As you know I like flowers. I try to plant or grow flowers, bushes, trees and shrubs that benefits wildlife that come here. So my selection is not as great as a florist or flower shops and not as neat as a landscape designer's tool shed, but we like them and are so grateful that others do too and stop and comment about them or something else on my Pick a Peck of Pixels blog. Thank you for stopping and commenting. Your comment counts and I will make history one of these days. LOL

Pick a Peck of Pixels