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Thursday, August 6, 2009

This and That.

1.Our town is having its annual Airshow starting tomorrow and from where I live, I can sit in my Cul-de-sac and watch the planes overhead without going to the actual airshow. It doesn't bode well though if you want to get good pictures, just saves you the cost of admission and you still get to watch the show. I think this year might be the first time in a few years I will go to the airshow, strictly for some up close and cool pictures!!
2.The planes have been up flying since yesterday practising for the Airshow. Its like a pre game warmup and I have been watching that for the past couple of days.
3.Went to the doctor today and got requisition for X-Rays for my sore butt. It has not got any better so its time to see if I am more cracked than I figured. Check down a few posts to see the story of my sore butt. You can leave butt jokes in the comments if you want!
4.My high school reunion is less than a month away now and I have to RSVP by the end of next week. Should I go?? I am curious but a bit wary about the whole thing as well. What do you think??
5.The heatwave of last week has broken and the past few days have been wonderful. Warm enough not to get cold and cool enough not to overheat. I guess you could say moderate. We should all enjoy things in moderation.
6. Must go and make supper, Salad and Fruit, just in case I do go to the reunion, must be vigilant now!!!
That is enough of this, hope you all have a great evening!!

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