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Saturday, June 20, 2009

Weekend Snapshot

Today, Saturday, I had an idea for a photo so hubby and I headed down to Crescent Beach to the sand to set it up. Can you tell what my idea was by looking at the above picture??

How about this picture??
Well, I wanted to make a clock out of beach stones, with driftwood clock hands, just at the edge of the tide as the tide was coming in. I am trying to get a picture for a photo contest I want to enter. The only problem is that I was already too late when I got to the beach, the tide was coming in fast and in the few minutes it took me to run around and find the stones and set them up, you can see that the tide just ran right over the area and washed away my makeshift clock hands. I tryed snapping a few shots but alas, it is all washed up!!

1 comment:

Ebie said...

What a clever idea! Love the bubbles of the waves when they rushed to the shore! Have a great week!