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Thursday, June 4, 2009

This and That.

1) I have tryed twice now to put some pictures into this post but my computer says it can not find this website. What is with that??
2) We have a heatwave here and went the temps get like this the ability of drivers goes down correspondingly with the number on the Thermometer. We can't think in that kind of heat I guess!
3) I would not be able to do the job I have without the wonderful staff I have. They make this job a joy to go to every day and I thank them for that!
4) I am missing my son a lot lately. Sometimes this world is just a bit too big and on those days missing someone is what happens.
5) I wrote my Recert exam today at work, 8 pages double sided of lots of questions and hope I did okay with that. I'll find out the marks tomorrow.
6) Glad to see the weekend come, this week has been way to busy.
Enough of this, a good book and a cool fan await me and hopefully a good night's sleep, so that's the end of my post!!
I will try those pictures again tomorrow!!

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April said...

I hope you will have better success with your pictures tomorrow. It is quite hot here as well. I know what you mean about missing your son. One of my sons lives in Toronto, and he seems oceans away at times.

I have an award for you. Please stop by when you have a moment.