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Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Watery Wednesday.

Last weekend we went out looking for fishing spots, our brand new fishing license in hand. We stopped at Kilby but it was really windy out and not a good spot to do some fly fishing.
I really liked the look of the waves overtaking this rock just off the shore. I have those kind of days sometimes where no matter how much you stand up against the force of something, it still can go right over you.

The same rock after the wind died down and the waves settled. The sun going down looks like diamonds on the water.

I chose this picture taken from the same area to show how high the water level is from the spring run-offs. This tree is out in the water rather than at the edge of the water.


April said...

Wonderful contrast between the breaking waves and the evening calm. Beautiful images!

Karen said...

Lovely shots !!

I love the diamonds dancing on the water...

I like the water breaking over that rock in the first photo ... you get the full effect when you enlarge it..

Karen ~Georgia Angel said...

Very cool photos. I like the rushing water over the rock. Thanks for sharing.