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Thursday, June 25, 2009

This and That

1) I am sick. Summer colds always are hard to take.
2) It does not feel like summer outside. Its cold, cloudy and raining off and on. And windy. I like that part.
3) Lots of sad news on the TV today. Prominent people dying. If things go in threes then hopefully it will end.
4) Farrah Faucett was amazing in The Burning Bed. I had to look at her differently after I saw her in that role.
5) My hubby took my camera to work with him today, and I am fretting. I worry about that camera like it was another kid of mine. Of course when you don't have your camera with you then everything is a photo op!!
6) I worry about my hubby too! I told him to gaurd that camera with his life but I didn't mean it. Really there is not even a choice about which one I would give up. And he is not it.
7) Work is done and I am going to go and change into something comfy and cozy, befitting this cold I am nursing. I just want to caccoon tonight, so that is what me and my cat are going to do. And watch the sad news at the same time.
Have a great evening everyone.

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Sara Chapman said...

Hope you feel better soon. And get that camera back! I feel like mine is my binky. Where I go, it goes.