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Saturday, July 21, 2012

Project 52 - Movie Time

P52 with Kent Weakley
Well, this week's photos did not turn out in any way that I had envisioned. I had this wonderful (at least at the time!) idea to take a photo in Black/White of the one and only left standing, Outdoor Theater here in the mainland. By the time we got to Langley where the theater is located, most of the moody grey clouds had given way to brighter skies, the sun was at the worst possible angle right above and slightly behind the screen and every picture I tryed taking of the screen turned into a great big grey card. UUUGGGG....Not the best planning on my part!
My big plan was to take a picture of the screen against the sky in black and white and then insert a photo of the concession stand into the theater screen in colour. Okay so the concept has potential, but after lots of playing with photoshop and wringing my hands and pulling my hair out I am ready to admit I am not producing in a photo what my mind is seeing and dreaming!
When I was a child we had an outdoor theater just down and across the street from where we lived. As kids we would go to the fence, kick a board or two in and sneak into the back end of the theater. This was back in the time where they had standing speakers you would bring through the window of your car and hook onto the edge of the window and roll up so you could hear the sound. Nowadays they broadcast the sound on a specific radio station for you to listen to as you watch the movie. We loved the sneakiness and suspense of "breaking the rules" just to get to watch a movie. Nine times out of ten we would get discovered and chased back through the fence, but I remember that a movie was never so good as the one you had to work at seeing!
So here are my photos anyways, it was more the memory of outdoor theaters I envisioned, and here the story to go with it!


Harvest Moon by Hand said...

Enjoyed reading your memories about drive-ins when you were growing up, and seeing your photos this week.

I remember the speakers that you bring through the windows of the car too!

We use to have quite a few drive-in theaters in the Twin Cities (MN), but slowly they were torn down and replaced with office buildings. It was definitely an end of an era when that happened.

Media Goddess said...

I really like how your end product came out. I have only been to a drive in once it was fun. It is sad to see things that are beloved disappear.

Julie Anne said...

That is a really creative idea! I like the way it turned out. We still have a drive in near us... I just don't like to have the kids out that late... Maybe as they get older!

Georgianna said...

Amazing, Lorna! I love what you did with these photos. What a wonderful slice of nostalgia that theatre is. What a shame it is one of the last. But now I guess everyone is more comfortable watching at home. :)

Have a great new week.

xo – g

Susan said...

oh I think It is a very cool picture and the story makes it even better!