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Sunday, November 6, 2011

Mellow Yellow Monday

My Hubby will do whatever it takes to get the picture, including sitting on the job.
Sometimes you have to search out the right angles and check out the proper perspective.
He will even lay down on the job! And so engrossed in the task at hand he didn''t even know I was capturing the moment too!

To see more photos of Mellow Yellow Monday, please go and visit http://mellowyellowmonday.blogspot.com/


J Bar said...

I thought he was "planking" in that last shot. :)
Sydney - City and Suburbs

Carole Meisenhelter said...

well certainly a MELLOW YELLOW entry; but seeing your hubby so absorbed in the job at hand like that was quite amusing (sorry hubby). I want to see your pics too now; especially the laying down one. I can only wonder if any visitors came walking out that door what they might have thought....but in the end, SO WHAT?! You probably picked up the photograph of the year for that brave act.

Linnea said...

Is he taking a little nap? Hee, hee. What a gorgeous building. The yellow color is striking! Enjoy the week.

raf said...

Big smiles here. Seems close to home somehow. Lovely yellow.

Rohit Sareen said...

nice and warm colour of the yellow. coming from MYM - My Third Eye

Rosemarie said...

indeed your hubby is engrossed on what he is doing..dropping for MYM, I hope you could visit mine at http://www.prettysinglemom.com/2011/11/yellow-and-ruby.html and leave some love...