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Friday, November 18, 2011

Hannah and her Mom

This is Hannah, who's Father lives a few houses over from us. Hannah used to live there as well, up until her parents split up about five years ago. She was too small then to be out and about but now when she comes to see her Dad, she rides her very cool Barbie bike back and forth on the road and always comes over and says Hello when she sees us at home.

She is like a little ray of sunshine. Always happy and chatty. Energetic.
Here she is with her Mom, who comes over for a coffee and catch up chats when she is in the neighbourhood.

Neighbourhoods change, people come and stay awhile. You meet them, become friends, and sometimes changes happen, and they or you move on. Its nice though that even when you move on, you can still come back and revisit.
Ever asked your self, I wonder what ever happened to _______? Well, sometimes they come and chat, say hello and catch up over coffee!!
Do you have any one where you ask yourself, I wonder what ever happened to them?

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