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Monday, November 7, 2011

Chocolate covered Marshmallow Pops

Marshmallow Pops
Wonder what to do with some of the leftover Chocolate Bars that stick around after Halloween? Other than giving them away or hiding them or freezing them, here is something you can do for a sweet treat that is different than just plain old chocolate bars.
I used the small Kabob sticks to hold the Marshmallows. Use good quality melting Chocolate and melt it in a double boiler over hot water. Dip the ends of the sticks in chocolate and let set. This makes it easier to keep the Marshmallow on the stick.
Dip the Marshmallow into the melted Chocolate and then roll the dipped marshmallow liberally into crushed chocolate bars. I used Skor bars for these pops.
If you put the finished pops in the fridge the chocolate sets up fast.

These make a yummy treat for dessert and taste wonderful with a cup of Hot Chocolate as well!