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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Tea Time!
Who doesn't like a nice cup of Tea?

It seems that not many people have teacups anymore to have their Tea in.  My former Mom in Law, straight from England would not think of putting Tea in anything but a fancy teacup and matching saucer. She also had the little spoons to stir with, the kinds you collect from different places as a rememberance of trips gone by.
My grandmother as well drank her Tea either out of fancy teacups or out of the green or orange old coffee cups that you see a lot of now in Antique stores.
I always liked the look of teacups and the fancy designs and flowers etc. that decorated teacups and saucers but never was a fan of drinking my tea out of a fancy teacup. They always seemed tipsy to me, and rattly on the saucer if you know what I mean and the Tea never stayed as hot as I like my Tea to be.
The sight of a fancy pretty teacup though never fails to bring back those memories of the past people in my life who took a well deserved break in thier day for a proper cup of Tea.


SandyCarlson said...

That china is gorgeous!

DebC said...

I have the fancy teacups,
collected a dozen or so in years past.
But I rarely drink from them;
it seems out of place in my practical world.
I never hesitated to "play" with them whenever my daughter wanted a tea party though.
They were meant to be used and enjoyed.
I wonder if she remembers?

CanadianGardenJoy said...

I know exactly what you mean about drinking tea out of a more practicle ? mug ? but I also think tea cups and saucers are so pretty .. little pieces of art work. Yours are very pretty and the picture is perfect !