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Saturday, February 19, 2011

The Weekend in Black and White

Despite being a cold windy day, the sun was out and the sky was blue. It was a nice day to get out and about and we don't get too many of those in the winter. So we braved the freezing temps and the crazy wind and went out to take some photos.
This is out on the backside of Chilliwack following the Chilliwack River.
Picnic area beside the Chilliwack River.

There was a huge covered Camp area where cooking could be done. I wondered about all the cement blocks around the camp area, probably people have tryed driving through instead of around.

Here is Chilliwack River, along side of the picnic area. I took a lot more pictures playing with the shutter speed and I will post those in the coming days so come on back and see them too!
To see more photos of The Weekend in Black and White, please go and visit http://blackandwhiteweekend.blogspot.com/


Dragonstar said...

Interesting pictures. That camping area looks massively heavy, so the concrete blocks certainly aren't meant to hold it down!

Jidhu Jose said...

nice shots