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Sunday, December 13, 2009

Today's Flowers

A bit of a shot of a bouquet of 24 long stem roses I recieved for my birthday. Its straight out of the camera shot. I have yet to go onto Photoshop and play with them. A couple of these are going to sacrifice themselves and go outside for some snow shots in a little while!!
For more shots of Today's Flowers, please visit http://flowersfromtoday.blogspot.com/


SquirrelQueen said...

What a great gift and Happy Birthday. The first thought that crossed my mind before reading your post was that one of them would be great for a few snow shots. Looking forward to seeing your photos.
Through Squirrel Eyes

lazyclick said...

Fantastic flowers. Happy birth day to you.

Arija said...

A very happy Birthday! By the look of those roses, you had a great one. Just beautiful.

SandyCarlson said...

Your roses are gorgeous. Happy birthday!

Chie Wilks said...

oh..that is a lovely set of roses...it can really cheer one's lonely heart

mine is here